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Solid pair of interviews featuring some talk about the GGG fight and UFC 210.

Matteo Urella shares an epic story of his relationship with writing and GGG. Everything came full circle this weekend at Madison Square Garden and it was as poetic as you'd expect from one of the best writers in combat sports.

At long last, Desmond Green is finally making his UFC debut. And the Rochester native is doing it just one hour from his hometown in Buffalo, NY. UFC 210 is set for April 8th and Desmond vs. Josh Everette could very well steal the show.

In this week's after show, we get into March Madness, the return of Dave Chappelle, and the official re-launch of our Instagram (@mmamadofficial) and our Snapchat (mma_mad).


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UFC London is coming your way this weekend and we've got a full breakdown of the action.

First, we sat down with Andreas Georgiou of MMA Plus. He's an old friend of the show and one of the foremost experts on UK MMA. We spoke about his upcoming video project, the stand out fights at UFC London and more.

Then, one half of the main event, #4 ranked Jimi Manuwa makes his podcast debut. He's set to take on Corey Anderson this weekend, with hopes of moving one step closer to a shot at the light heavyweight championship.

Finally, my friend Nate Zielinski joins us for a little podcasting 101. After launching his own podcast for Ticket Liquidator, he's looking for advice on how to best move forward and improve the quality of his show. I'm certainly no expert, but I did my best to help out.

Plus we've even got a little Monica action on the transition. This was a fun one!!


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Wow. 100 episodes. Over 140 hours of content over the past three years. This thing has come a long way since its humble beginnings and the guests in this episode are the people to thank.

(00:04:46) Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson made his podcast debut back in episode 28. This appearance was his tenth, officially making him the first to hit double digits. If there was an MMA Mad MVP, it'd be hard to argue against Wonderboy. The guy is a legend.

(00:18:33) If it wasn't for David St. Martin's inclusion of the MMA Mad Podcast on the MMA Fighting Morning Report, we may not be doing this right now. That was the single biggest boost we received both in traffic and notoriety. Who would've thought that DSM would make for such a great guest as well. The lovable grouch.

(00:51:47) Cortney Casey was the first female fighter we ever had on the podcast, but she's become way more than a crucial milestone. One of the most entertaining and frequently requested guest in our arsenal, Cortney is always honest and always entertaining, as a result. Truly one of the best guests we have.

(01:05:02) Barstool Sports finally has an designated MMA contributor and the guy is brilliant. Insightful blogs, hilarious videos, a well-rounded set of technical production skills, Robbie Fox is going to be a star at Barstool and Barstool has long been my biggest inspiration to chase my dreams. Thrilled to have him as a part of this episode.

(01:22:10) Nick Newell is one of my favorite people on the planet. There's the amazing career and the inspirational backstory, sure. But above all, he's one of the most kind and genuine people you'll ever come across in this business. He was my first ever one-on-one interview, as well. He'll always have a place in the history of this show.

(01:34:01) Matt Bessette and Jeff Haddad are my best friends in MMA. Far beyond a simple interviewer - interviewee relationship, these guys are always a ton of fun to be around. Jeff is one of the most driven and motivational people I know and Matt is the embodiment of martial arts culture. Respect, honor and discipline. GET MATT TO THE UFC!!! Shout out to Ashley and Michelle.

(1:47:32) Chuck Mindenhall is, for my money, the best writer in sports media. His ability to captivate with his storytelling while pouring his own personality and voice into his work is unparalleled. I've looked up to him on so many different levels, so to have him as a contact and guide through this crazy buiness has been an honor. Truly.

(02:03:25) Outside The Bubble was the first recurring segment we ever featured on this podcast and with it, a star was born. In all seriousness, Monica has meant a great deal to this show both on the mic and behind the scenes. She's been unbelievably supportive through an endless stream of skype conversations and marathon editing sessions. And she's electric content every time you put a mic in her hand. Can't thank her enough.

And I can't thank all of you enough either. This show has been one of the greatest accomplishments of my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Many more to come.

- Nick

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Only one show left before our celebratory 100th episode, but we're not taking any weeks off! We're coming in hot with three great interviews that you're sure to enjoy.

First, comedian, ACB commentator, and one half of the One Punch Podcast alongside Brad Pickett, Bryan Lacey returns to the show. We talk podcasting, some UFC 209 and plenty more. Good interview!

Then, Brendan Loughnane joins us to disucss his upcoming fight at ACB: Super Sonic in Manchester. One of the most slept on prospects outside the UFC, keep your eye on Loughnane. Great interview. Great fighter. This kid is a star.

Finally, Luke Barnatt makes his podcast debut before headlining ACB: Super Sonic. You may know him from his exciting fights inside the Octagon, his tremendous run on The Ultimate Fighter, or his recent four fight finish streak. Luke is a great analyst as well as a great fighter. Honored to have him on.

Again, episode 100 is coming next week! Mark your calendars! It's gonna be a good one...

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This week, we were joined by recurring guests Jimmie Rivera and Andre Soukhamthath. Plus, top prospect Jack McGann makes his podcast debut.

Since we last spoke, Jimmie Rivera has climbed to #5 on the UFC Bantamweight rankings, thanks to his impressive win over top contender Urijah Faber. Now he's looking for his next opponent, with a focus on earning his shot at that 135 pound title.

Andre Soukhamthath is preparing for another defense of his CES Bantamweight Championship, all while chasing his goal of a UFC call-up. One of our favorite guests, Andre never shies away from bold opinions. This was a good one.

Top prospect Jack McGann discusses growing up in the Wolfslair gym, fighting in Russia, and his ultimate plans for UFC glory.


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I traveled to LA for a special edition of Coast To Coast w/my friend Kevin.

Alright so maybe that's not why I traveled to LA... but we recorded a live podcast anyway. We got into everything from the Super Bowl to UFC 208 and everything in between. I recap my trip to LA featuring a trip to Disney Land, my first experience at the world famous Comedy Store, and much much more.

Plus, we've got a quick After Show for you guys as well. A little talk about McGregor vs. Mayweather and the return of GSP.


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This week, a conversation with Matt Bessette, a remastered/rereleased interview with Justin Wren, and a little Monica action on the introduction.

I sat down with Matt Bessette to discuss everything from the Super Bowl to UFC 208 and beyond. This was a fun one with one of my favorite people. GET MATT TO THE UFC!! But seriously... Do it...

Finally, I remastered my April 2016 interview with Justin Wren. I barely even talk in this one, but the content was so good that it had to be rereleased. Justin Wren's work with Fight for the Forgotten needs way more attention. Listen, research, and donate. This is a tremendously worthy cause.



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So this was a long one. But it was also pretty light on the MMA, so the variety should hold your interest.

Danish & O'Neill talk MMA headlines, the launch of their brand new podcast "The Pork Report," and a whole bunch of other stuff. Always a good conversation. Always funny. You'll enjoy this one.

Monica returns for a brand new edition of Outside The Bubble. This time, we get into the Wonderboy Woodley rematch set for UFC 209. We also talk about the Bachelor, Barstool Sports, and a little bit of football.

Kevin calls in (w/a little cameo from his brother) to break down and preview the big game. He's a Falcons fan. Monica is a Pats fan. The idea was to have them on at the same time but the timing didn't work out. Instead, this turned into a psuedo Coast To Coast, the full version of which will be coming your way in a couple weeks.



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It's been a little while since we did a multi-guest episode like this, but we're coming out of the gate with a powerful lineup.

Stephen Thompson makes his highly anticipated return to the show and there was plenty to get into. Wonderboy responds to the recent disparaging comments by Tyron Woodley, reveals his answer to the question "Apocalypse or Thanos," and discusses some of the fights from Bellator 170 and UFC on FOX 23.

Ian McCall joins us to talk podcasting, the green rush in California and his food poisoning in Ireland. He also looks ahead to his UFC 208 fight against Neil Seery in Brooklyn, NY.

Adam Milstead returns to the show ahead of his February 4th clash in Houston. He talks about the difference in training for your second Octagon appearances vs. your UFC debut. We also got into fighter pay and the crazy range of body types that make up the heavyweight division.

Short After Show this week. I give some more thoughts on Woodley's comments about racial prejudice in the world of MMA. I also throw a couple TV show recommendations out there. 



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After nearly a decade of regularly reading Barstool Sports and religiously following MMA, my two worlds are finally coming together.

Robbie Fox aka Intern Robbie is an 18 year old MMA writer for Barstool has undergone a number of changes over the past year, including a big move to a centralized office in New York City. With this came an influx of new hires and most notably - at least as it relates to this podcast - was the hire of the site's first dedicated MMA contributor. Long overdue.

I sat down with Robbie for an in-depth conversation about his writing background, how he came to be at Barstool Sports, and his future in the medium. Oh, and we got into some MMA storylines as well.

Plus, in the After Show, I reflect on the Cowboy's season, give you guys a movie and TV show recommendation, and rant about how much I hate Ford vehicles right now.



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