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Breaking down all six fights on the main card, along with predictions for who wins and who to bet on. This is your flash preview of all things Rio Rancho. Main Card and Prelims are on ESPN+.

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Long overdue, we finally had fellow New England MMA media member, Mike Heck on the podcast. It's about time. 

This was a good one.


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Jason and Daniel from the Ratings Pending Podcast joined me to recap UFC 246 and one heck of a performance by Conor McGregor. The king is back!!


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It's been a wild journey since we started this podcast back in 2014. So many great guests and experiences over the years. What better time to reflect on things than the start of a new decade?

Happy 2020 everybody! Thank you to all the listeners who helped make this thing possible. And here's to the 2030 review being bigger and better.


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Knockout of the Year, Submission of the Year, Fight of the Year, Fighter of the Year and Event of the Year. The picks are in.

Robbie Fox and I had just finished discussing HBO's Watchmen for The Disorderly, so he weighed in on UFC 245 as well.

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