The MMA Mad Podcast

I spent way too much time talking about the podcast in this episode to reiterate it all here. So I'll sum it up like this:

MMA Mad and the MMA Mad Podcast were a joy to work on. It was a passion project that Dale Jordan and I built from scratch. We poured our hearts into this thing for the better part of five years and created a product we were extremely proud of.

I want to thank Dale first and foremost for giving me such an amazing platform to host this show. I want to thank the guests, the listeners, the friends and family who supported me and the co-hosts that have come and gone.

I especially want to thank the Mount Rushmore guests - Matt Bessette, Stephen 'Wonderboy' Thompson, Cortney Casey & David St. Martin - as well as my perennial co-host and star of Outside The Bubble - Monica. 

I've learned a lot from this experience. It's already opened a few doors and I'm sure those opportunities will lead to even more opportunity. I'm in this for life. I hope you enjoy this final episode and continue to follow my work.


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