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Long overdue, we finally had fellow New England MMA media member, Mike Heck on the podcast. It's about time. 

This was a good one.


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Jason and Daniel from the Ratings Pending Podcast joined me to recap UFC 246 and one heck of a performance by Conor McGregor. The king is back!!


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It's been a wild journey since we started this podcast back in 2014. So many great guests and experiences over the years. What better time to reflect on things than the start of a new decade?

Happy 2020 everybody! Thank you to all the listeners who helped make this thing possible. And here's to the 2030 review being bigger and better.


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Knockout of the Year, Submission of the Year, Fight of the Year, Fighter of the Year and Event of the Year. The picks are in.

Robbie Fox and I had just finished discussing HBO's Watchmen for The Disorderly, so he weighed in on UFC 245 as well.

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